The Green Girl Project

A Miss Nigeria Initiative 

Women are the most vulnerable to environmental degradation and climate change in Nigeria yet their voices are often lost in the discourse of this important issue.

As active users of the environment, their impact and their role in achieving sustainability objectives cannot be over emphasized. According to the international community, involving women in sustainability planning can often serve a dual purpose of improving communities’ response to environmental issues and helping women improve their social status.

Given that environmental degradation affects both men and women differently following their diverse production role, it is evident that there is an urgent need for an inclusive and balanced participation of men and women in spearheading initiatives and contributing positively to the environment. Until women are empowered to participate at all levels, environmental sustainability will remain a distant goal.

It is against the backdrop to include not just women but also girls that the Green-Girl Project has been founded by the Miss Nigeria Organization as a long-term approach to contribute to sustainable environment in Nigeria.

The GREEN-GIRL PROJECT is a community development initiative aimed at empowering young women to become facilitators of sustainable practices towards ensuring a clean and peaceful environment. It also aims to give young women a platform to become agents of change for the environment.

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